Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stomache Pains again

UGH... Every 7 days like clockwork Garret has spasms in his stomach to the point of needing to go to the ER. Our latest episode was yesterday. Unfortunately we were out of town... He was hurting so bad that I drove over to my Mom's in Tulsa and borrowed some medicine from her. She and Garret are on the same med's but for different reasons. What a blessing to be able to go get it. I then headed back to OKC and while Garret was screaming, moaning and crying in the back seat, the medicine finally kicked in and he fell asleep... The spasms finally passed after about an hour and we didn't have to make an ER visit this weekend (first weekend in 3 weeks we weren't at the ER or admitted in the hospital). He had blood work on Friday and we get the numbers back on Tuesday. Then I am making an appointment with the GI doctor that he saw when he was in the hospital. He can only eat a few bites before his pain starts and a 13 year old boy has trouble with that! Supposedly, we will see drastic results with the meds in another 3 weeks, but with one week down already I don't see any changes... I know he is ready for his pancreatitus to be healed, but it may take longer than expected...

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