Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dan's new job ot Oklahoma Tank Lines

Last weekend was the yearly get together of employees at OTL-UPT. 
            The Schedule...
Thursday night - a reception that Dan attended while I went to Garret's Court of Honor..

Friday all day - Breakfast first then meetings for the guys and spa day for the wives.  We received chair massages and Brighton Braclets...  Then, lunch with the guys.  After that, more meetings for the guys and us wives had a culinary class on how to cook Sushi.  We received the mat and spoon you make Sushi on as a gift.  Following that we had dinner at Owen Stadium.  It was Delish.  We also had a private tour of the OU locker room and the Switzer Center. 
Saturday all day - The morning was spent at the Casino, which Dan and I opted out of.  Dan worked on my car and was able to get it running (no thanks to wal-mart).  It was the battery after all!  We then dressed up and went to "The Banquet".  They took professional pictures so when I get one, I will add it to this post.

We had a blast and I am grateful for the family atmosphere and welcome we received from everyone :)