Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dan's new job ot Oklahoma Tank Lines

Last weekend was the yearly get together of employees at OTL-UPT. 
            The Schedule...
Thursday night - a reception that Dan attended while I went to Garret's Court of Honor..

Friday all day - Breakfast first then meetings for the guys and spa day for the wives.  We received chair massages and Brighton Braclets...  Then, lunch with the guys.  After that, more meetings for the guys and us wives had a culinary class on how to cook Sushi.  We received the mat and spoon you make Sushi on as a gift.  Following that we had dinner at Owen Stadium.  It was Delish.  We also had a private tour of the OU locker room and the Switzer Center. 
Saturday all day - The morning was spent at the Casino, which Dan and I opted out of.  Dan worked on my car and was able to get it running (no thanks to wal-mart).  It was the battery after all!  We then dressed up and went to "The Banquet".  They took professional pictures so when I get one, I will add it to this post.

We had a blast and I am grateful for the family atmosphere and welcome we received from everyone :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


We had a wonderful Christmas at my Twin's house!  Beautiful tree :)

Ashley was so excieted to be up at the break of dawn...

Who would have thought that a pillow pet would make Kerri
so happy?  Must have been that it was PURPLE!!!

My Sister was SOOOO excited at her present from
my brother-in-law!  A phone she
can text on... (with me of course!!!)

James in his "funny gift" from us...  CLOWN SUN GLASSES.
He refuses to wear sunglasses so I thought maybe he would
wear these for our cruise in August...We shall see...lol

Garret sporting his new swim shirt for the cruise...
Opening his "funny gift" .... A toy medical kit...hahaha...

Kerri is sooooo excited that Victor Hearman
gets to come on the cruise with us!  Her
Funny gift from Aunt Sonya, Uncle Larry and
James was a roll of Saran Wrap for Victor to have a
"swim suit" on the cruise...Bahahaha
For those of you new to my blog...Victor is Kerri's
hearing aid :)

Ashley flew home from Idaho for Christmas.  She was so excited for her "funny gift".  Believe it or not...She actually
is using them!

My twin's funny gift!!  We made an awesome one for her...
Glasses said..."And so the party begins again"... We
tease her all the time about the things she does while
cruising... I am sure you all know that everything is G-rated...lol

We went to my mom's for Christmas Day
and she dressed up for us!!!  CUTE

A great time was had by all!!!

One of the favorite traditions we do as a family is have the last gift opened by everyone be a "funny gift".  I love this tradition.  We can buy or make things, but it is so much fun being creative! We never spend much on these gifts and they turn out to be the gifts everyone remembers from year to year!  Hope you all had a wonderful holdiday!!!