Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome Victor Hearman!!!

Hip, Hip, Hooray... We welcomed "Victor Hearman" into Kerri's life yesterday!!! Kerri has been blessed with a new hearing aid and has named it Victor We are all excited for her. It was a very emotional day as she heard things she had never heard in her life like crumpling paper! She can not hear low tones at all and only has half of her hearing in her left ear. She has a little more than that in her right, but for now the doctor said to just put a hearing aid on the one ear. When she was given the hearing aid yesterday she said her fondest wish was to hear her dad's "real" voice. She was able to do that for the very first time EVER!!! Wow... Such joy on her face!!! As she turns 17 this next week we are excited for this new discovery of the hearing world as she has had some loss since birth, but the loss got a lot worse this last year... She has discovered in a very short amount of time that she loves bass on the radio! I bet I have to start telling her to turn down her music now...but I won't mind :) We are grateful and truly feeling blessed that Kerri has been able to start this new relationship with Victor Hearman!!!