Sunday, August 15, 2010

CRAZY WEEK....Grateful week :)

This week was soooo crazy and yet I have had sooo many things to be gratful for. First Garret had 4 ER visits and 2 hospital admits with one of them lasting 4 days. He had a severe rash that was treated in the ER with steroids and the steroids caused him to get pancreatitis. So much pain for him...YIKES. We now have him home on a couple of different meds that are keeping him in good spirits and no pain. I was also grateful that my mom was in town during this time and she sat at the hospital with me for all 4 days. Some great bonding time... (even if we were at the hospital!) Our family was blessed with surprise meals for the week and I am so appreciative of great friends and food :)

Second, Kerri's car broke down and we had to call in reinforcements (Dan) Anyway, it was just a leak in her radiator hose and all is well now. I am grateful it was nothing more serious and for a husband that is mechanically inclined!!!

Third, my sister took my mom to the ER yesterday for a massive pain in the back of her head. She is doing ok now and is at home with meds. She has to have an MRI but ER doctor said she is doing well.

Finally, School starts next week and we have been able to get the kids enrolled in between every other crazy thing going on... YEAH!!

Whew.... What a week :)

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