Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ashley's 20th Birthday!!!

I can't believe my Ashley turned 20 yesterday! What a fun birthday we shared. We traveled to my Mom's house and had a yummy lunch and cake to follow. We all celebrated!!! My twin and I had a birthday on Friday and Ash's was on Saturday but we have not been in to my mom's in a while so we celebrated everyone's birthday since March... It was fun and we all took new pictures. I will post them when my brother-in-law e-mails them. I was not able to take my own pictures because the kids had swiped my camera

It was hard to narrow down, but here are 20 Fun things I remember about Ash...
1. Favorite toy was the glow worm
2. Her first word was Dad and I thought her second would be mom but it was not. Mommy was her 4th word (see where I rated)
3. When she decided to give up her bottle, she threw it in the trash herself and said "NO MORE!" and never asked for it again...
4. She loved to swing and would spend hours in her Meema's and Peepa's backyard.
5. She loved to watch movies. Her favorites were "The Kind and I, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and John Wayne Movies"...No kiddy movies for her :)
6. When Ashley was 3, she decided to run away so she did not have to pick up her toys. So she got her suitcase and went and sat on the steps between the house and the garage and decided that was far
7. Ash plastered stickers on the entire screen of the TV and I could not get them to come off. Dan had to use cleaner from the shop...
8. As a toddler Ash's favorite and only cartoon she would watch was Barney. We had the WHOLE collection.
9. When she was elementary age, her favorite thing to watch was "Mary-Kate and Ashley videos" because she had the same name as one of the twins.
10. Ash loved having younger siblings... She loved even more being their boss. (SHE STILL DOES)...
11. Ash's favorite color was pink.
12. Ashley refused to learn how to ride a bike until she was 7 years old. When she saw her cousin riding a bike then she finally got on and decided she wanted to try. She was riding on her own about 20 minutes later.
13. Ashley's favorite food was her Meema's Spaghetti. She still loves Pasta above anything else.
14. Ashley's nickname came from her Aunt. She used to call Ash Booger Bear and it was eventually shortened to Boog....We still call her that :)
15. When Ash was in elementary school she seemed to be having difficulty with assignments so her Nanny was asking her one day what color the tree was outside and when she said she didn't see a tree we knew right then she needed glasses. The poor girl was so near sided she could not see across the street... Still can't without contacts!!.
16. Ashley got into a huge shouting match with her 5th grade teacher at school...AND WON!
17. She also got into a disagreement with a teacher in middle school and won. She informed the teacher she was NOT eating off of a dirty reused paper lunch tray and was throwing it away and if the teacher did not like it then she would call her mom and I would be right there to talk to the teacher... Needless to say, although the teacher didn't want to, they let Ash throw the tray away!
18. As Ash reached high school, she wanted a car and so we bought her a 1973 Superbeetle that was not running. She spent a year and a half helping her dad rebuild it. She knows more about cars than some men!
19. Ash received her Young Women Medallion at church. She was so excited! It takes many, many hours to complete, but she finished hers 3 years early and was to first one to get the medallion in several years in our ward... She glowed when they gave it to her!
20. Ash has traveled extensively over the years on vacations, being a foreign exchange student her junior year and now as a student in Idaho.

As she gets ready to leave again next week I just want her to know how much we love her and miss her when she is gone. HAVE A GREAT YEAR BOOG!!

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