Friday, December 31, 2010

The end of an era...

Dan's last day with RDS was yesterday (RDS is closing their OKC office).  He is officially unemployed!  Well, at least until Monday :)  He starts his new job with Oklahoma Tank Line on Monday.  Dan worked with RDS for 21 years and it was hard for everyone to say good-bye yesterday after so many years.  We are excited for the new things to come and for Dan to get opportunities to put his Master's Degree to work.  Dan will be the CSC Manager at OTL...

However, before Dan starts on Monday, we have to so something that Dan HATES to do...go shopping!  Dan has plenty of Suits that he wears on Sundays and plenty of jeans as that is what he wore at RDS.  However,  His new job requires business casual so we must hit the stores this afternoon!  So much for football :)  Sorry

PS... Dan's cell  number will be changing.  It was a RDS work cell.  We will get his new number out as soon as we get it.  Hopefully today!

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