Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had such a fabulous Christmas!!  Ash flew in from Idaho on the 19th and flies out today (the 31st).  Dan and I both had Christmas eve off so the evening of the 23rd we drove down to my twin's family and stayed a couple of days with them.  It was a wonderful time and we had a blast!!  We even made time for visiting friends and relatives on Friday.   Then we went to my mom's on Christmas Day and had a WONDERFUL time visiting with family and playing Catch Phrase (this is a game that can be played with the kids).  It was soooo fun!   I am missing my family and Dan's family and am ready to go see them again!!  It is a good thing they are only an hour and a half away.

I am not quite ready for Ash to leave, but know that College awaits her!  She is in her second semester of her Sophmore year and has a job on campus so I know she's busy and is ready to get back to her life...  Kerri will be going to visit Ash in March for Spring Break.  I am thinking I may need to stow away in Kerri's luggage...haha 

I can't wait to post pictures!  My camera broke :( but my Brother-In-Law took pictures and I am waiting for him to send me copies and then I will attach them.

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas too!!!

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