Monday, July 5, 2010

Garret's tooth... Not so good :)

Garret was supposed to leave for scout camp this morning, but had a mishap instead. The scouts were all running outside on the wet, slippery grass at the Church so Dan told them to stop or someone was going to get hurt. So the boys stopped and went inside to wait. THEN... the scouts started messing around on the stage at church and Garret fell off the stage and hit a table that was next to the stage with his front tooth and broke it off. The dentist put a temporary cap on it. The tooth may die... Dan took him on to scout camp and we will see how he does. The dentist said to expect him to be in excruciating pain in a couple of days if the tooth does go ahead and die... UGH... Why does it always have to be Garret???

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