Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break

So spring break came and went!!!! Here are the highlights...

Our nephew James came down on Sunday evening and stayed until Thursday morning. We had loads of fun. He is the little boy in the red. We get to spoil him every year during spring break and then again during the summer.

On Monday evening the Muir kids came over and we had a blast!!! We taught them things that were very EDUCATIONAL!! Can't you tell???
But then again... "what happens at the Silfies', stays at the Silfies'" hahaha...

During the week we each had the flu bug and took turns passing it around. That was not so much fun. But we are all well now... Hope you all had a safe and healthy week!!!

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  1. so cute!! you will have to email me your pictures. thanks again for playing with them. melissa